This LO is of an old photo taken of my eldest son back in 2008 (where does the time go!). This is another rare LO where it I dont need to give credit or reference to anyone else, or any type of challenge or video. It was purely my creation, which makes a nice change! So please do comment on this post and let me know what you think and offer any advice. I dont find it easy to create my own LOs like this.

I was inspired by all the free-motion sewing i have seen on some layouts in recent months, but i do not own a sewing machine or have the space or desire to do so in the future (i have attempted it several times - but i just cant get on with a sewing machine!). So instead i 'cheated' and did it by hand! Firstly i cut down some kraft cardstock to 10x10 as i felt the full 12x12 was a little daunting in size. I drew my design in pencil, then made holes along the lines fairly close together with a largish needle. I then played 'dot-to-dot' with the holes and coloured pens to create my faux stitching. I then rubbed out the pencil lines. I added some stripes of scrap pattenered paper and washi tape, adding a few stickers and stams into the mix. I then added my title, some wooden bird and sun embellishments (which i am not too sure about). Lastly i added a date stamp to the bottom corner (i am making a huge effort to make sure all my LOs are dated) and added a hand drawn border in white around the edge of the dark brown backing card just to lighten it and bring your eye into the page.

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